A Message from the GM: Looking to the Future

Building a company from the ground up has it challenges, ups and downs and sometimes moments of stress.  However, looking back, our journey has been extremely rewarding, and we couldn’t be prouder of our strong, experienced, and hard-working team. 

As we look forward, we want to ensure we continue to provide the high quality service our clients expect and diversify our service offering for an expanding client base; consolidate clients in Australia and win a greater market share in Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. 

We pride ourselves in high quality service for all clients and are investing more heavily in our internal processes which not only ensures internal efficiency but also improves our customer experience.

We have recently rolled out our ‘automated builders manual tracking sheet’, a process that enables our builder / general contractor clients to have real time insight into sub-contractor documentation  received / outstanding.  Sub-contractors are informed of the documentation required from their trade and provided with an individual project / trade login via email notification. Once logged in they can upload their information which is automatically saved to our system.  All documentation uploaded is still reviewed by our skilled Technical Writing team to approve / reject submissions ensuring relevancy and accuracy prior to the compilation of the Building Handover Manual, also carried out by the Technical Writing team.  

We have received some excellent feedback on the implementation of the system but as always, all feedback is gratefully received.  Continuous Improvement is very close to my heart and without constructive criticism of systems / processes / service we can’t improve.

Our next automation investment is particularly exciting to our Client Coordinator team, a quoting / project request system which we should have more detail on in the coming months.  Watch this space!! 

Removal of basic administration tasks from the Client Coordinators has freed up time so they can review our existing service offering and think about other support our clients may need.  We are now more involved in Green Star submissions, supporting Builders / General Contractors / Services Contractors with their submissions such as calculations, reporting, or information collation.  Please get in touch if you are struggling, we are here to help. 

Lastly, as with most companies, Dewick & Associates are always keen to grow and expand.  We have had a slight team reshuffle which has freed up Alex and Lou to be able to champion Business Development.  We have really enjoyed visiting a few different states in the last twelve months along with Simone and Kevin, to showcase our services and increase awareness of our abilities.  We hope to be able to visit some more parts of Australia next year and even New Zealand.  

In addition to Australia, we have been speaking with our valued clients in Canada (some of which I was lucky enough to meet this year) and I have started to talk to some of our UK contractors, we hope we can meet you at some point soon.  We always find it funny when overseas clients realise, we are calling from Australia – it could be the middle of the night here or the crack of dawn (total opposite to their timezone) – but it doesn’t matter to us, we enjoy a good chat, and ensure that projects are delivered on time – whatever time zone we are in!

Thanks for reading and please let me know if you have any queries or suggestions on how we can improve in the future.  We want to support you in the best way we can and make your lives as easy as possible. 


Louise Gardner, General Manager Dewick & Associates

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