Electrical Services O&M Manuals | DCI Data Centre Expansion, Kidman Park – SA

DCI are data centre owners and operators, serving all areas of Asia Pacific.  The existing Adelaide 01 site, located in Kidman Park, has been expanded to accommodate a new data centre building Adelaide 02, increasing capacity to 5.4MW, with SCEC Zone increased to Level 5. The existing site services and infrastructure have been modified to suit the new building along with new equipment to serve Adelaide 02 including switchboards, distribution boards, general power, lighting and emergency and exit lighting and energy metering.

Dewick & Associates have provided the Electrical O&M Manuals and Commissioning Plan for the project which include details on services interface, Inspection Test Plans and Procedures and details on the equipment used during the commissioning process.  A fully detailed commissioning plan is key to ensuring a smooth project wide commissioning phase and therefore handing over of an efficiently operating building. 

Electrical Services Contractor: Tyrone Electrical

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