Fire Services O&M Manuals | Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH) Fire Detection Upgrade – Building 39, 40 & 41

The RBWH, Queensland, is the largest hospital in the state and provides services to patients in Queensland, Northern New South Wales and the Northern Territory. Incorporating all major health specialties such as surgery, oncology and trauma, in addition to over thirty subspecialties, the hospital employs over 8,000 staff, manages nearly 1,000 beds, and is the largest provider of telehealth services in Queensland, connecting thousands of patients with specialists via state-of-the-art instant video connection.

The RBWH precinct includes numerous buildings constructed over the 150-year life of the hospital, each with Ziton Fire Detection Control and Indicating Equipment (FDCIE) and Fire Indicator Panels (FIPs) installed as part of the hospital’s fire detection and alarm system. Some buildings have fully addressable systems whilst other buildings do not.

In 2020, Queensland Health implemented a program to replace the existing Ziton FDCIEs and FIPs and associated alarm system components within selected RBWH hospital buildings, including all upstream and downstream field devices. The panels were to be replaced with panels that could facilitate network capabilities to interconnect all hospital buildings for monitoring purposes, provide graphical representation of the fire services network on four computer terminals and allow the upgrade of all involved buildings to fully addressable systems.

In conjunction with Johnson Controls, Dewick & Associates provided Fire Services O&M Manuals for the works associated with Building 39, 40 and 41, in accordance with the hospital’s specification. The manuals incorporated design criteria and standards, a scope of works with equipment schedules, and maintenance procedures with accompanying log sheets, in addition to testing and commissioning records, operating instructions and record drawings.

Fire Services Contractor: Johnson Controls


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