Building Handover Manuals

Building Handover Manuals provide project specific details on the architectural and structural elements of a project but can also include details on the services to provide a full comprehensive handover document for the building.  This enables the building user / owner to understand the building and how to maintain it for future longevity.

We pride ourselves on bespoke, project focussed and client-specific documentation to enable a General Contractor / Builder to provide a full suite of handover documentation in the same high-quality format.

Dewick & Associates have developed a standard template over the years which we are continually adjusting and improving. In our opinion, a high quality Building Handover Manual should include the following sections:

  • Title Page and Table of Contents;
  • Company Introduction: which you can use as a marketing resource;
  • Project Introduction: from project conception, to the scope of the project and key dates such as Practical / Substantial Completion to the End of Defects Liability Period;
  • Project, emergency and manufacturer contact details;
  • Project Layout Drawings;
  • Project Documents such as Development Approval, Collateral Warranty and Certificate of PC;
  • Sub-Contractor / Trade Information:
    • Certificates
    • Supplier and Installation Warranties
    • Manufacturer’s Literature
    • As-Installed Drawings;
  • Preventative Maintenance Log Sheets for all building elements;
  • Appendices for Services O&M Manuals.

Collation of sub-contractor / trade information is sometimes difficult. At Dewick & Associates we believe that the extent of our involvement is up to you. We can simply format and assemble the information you provide us, or we can manage the entire process by contacting the sub-contractors for the documents needed, compiling and submitting the manual for review thereby making the process as simple as possible.

Author: Louise Gardner, General Manager of Dewick & Associates

A PDF version of this article is available via this link

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