Health and Safety Files (H&S File)

Health & Safety Files (H&S) are concise documents that include health and safety information to allow maintenance, cleaning, alterations, refurbishment or demolition to be carried out safely. Typically they include details of the project and… Read more

CIBSE TM 31 Logbook

Part L2 of the UK Building Regulations dictates that a building owner must be issued with suitable information to operate and manage their building efficiently before approval of final construction can be given. Often referred… Read more

Apartment and Home User Guides

The sustainable and efficient operation of all buildings, commercial or residential, is so important in our current climate. As a result, Part L and Part F of the Building Regulations and the Approved Document for… Read more

Building User Guides

‘The Building User Guide (BUG) provides the end-users / occupants of the building with a simple, quick and easy guide to the everyday functions of the building in order to ensure a safe and healthy… Read more

Project Specific Maintenance Log Sheets

Project Specific Maintenance Log Sheets provide detailed information on the exact building elements installed and their specific maintenance requirements. This ensures that preventative maintenance is carried out to meet the requirements of the product warranty… Read more

Building Handover Manuals

Building Handover Manuals provide project specific details on the architectural and structural elements of a project but can also include details on the services to provide a full comprehensive handover document for the building.  This… Read more

Technical Note: Defence

The Australian Government Department of Defence (Defence) sets out stringent building lifecycle documentation requirements as per the Defence Estate Quality Management Systems (DEQMS), which is managed through the HOTO (Handover / Takeover) process.   Inline with… Read more

The Evolution of Drawings

Prior to the first release of the first Computer Aided Design (CAD) software package, Shop Drawings, For Construction Drawings and As Installed Drawings were all hand drawn; you may remember drawings offices filled with drawing… Read more

Task Management

Task management is the process of identifying and monitoring the progress of work being completed on a day to day basis. Successfully managing the delivery of projects requires utilising reliable tools that allow you to… Read more

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