The Australian Government Department of Defence (Defence) sets out stringent building lifecycle documentation requirements as per the Defence Estate Quality Management Systems (DEQMS), which is managed through the HOTO (Handover / Takeover) process.

Dewick & Associates' experienced team of Australian Based technical writers and client coordinators are able to provide the full package collation and management of the HOTO process for Defence Construction projects including:

  • HOTO (Handover/Takeover): Checklist collating and management of the process;
  • Operating & Maintenance Manuals (O&M Manuals): providing a building owner / occupier with details of each building element for efficient operation, effective maintenance to ensure longevity, decommissioning and final demolition of a building or structure; Covering all elements of the building or site infrastructure including architectural, structural, civil, mechanical, electrical hydraulic and fire documentation, we provided documents in accordance with the Defence Estate Quality Management Systems (DEQMS) format and template;
  • Master Site Plan: overall site plans incorporating all site services;
  • Spaces Plan Datasets: simple, to scale diagrams, recording each level of a Defence owned building;
  • As Constructed (As Installed / As Built) Drawings (Architectural, Structural, Services): produced using AutoCAD and provided with titles and numbers following the requirements of the Spatial Data Management Plan (SDMP);
  • Meta Data: data about data, enabling the Department of Defence to categorise documents based on their content, relevant discipline and information provision;
  • GEMS Data Loading (GDL): population and management of all assets using the precreated GDL Shell.

We make the process as easy as possible for you, only requiring the project drawings and specifications for pricing and then we can manage the entire process including direct contact with the sub-contractors for the documents needed, compiling and submitting the manual for review.

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