O&M Manuals

Operating & Maintenance Manuals provide a building owner / occupier with details of each item of equipment / plant enabling efficient plant operation, ensuring effective maintenance for plant longevity, decommissioning, and final demolition of a building.

Dewick & Associates provide clear, concise and detailed O&M Manuals for all services as follows:

  • Mechanical O&M Manuals
  • Electrical O&M Manuals
  • Hydraulic O&M Manuals
  • Fire O&M Manuals

Dewick & Associates ensure that O&M Manuals adhere to all local standards for compilation and content. D&A believe the following sections should be included in all handover documentation:

  • Preliminaries / introduction
  • Detailed project, emergency and manufacturer contact lists
  • Technical descriptions of systems and operating instructions
  • Safety in maintenance guidance and preventative maintenance log sheets
  • Fault finding instructions for each system
  • Schedules of equipment and manufacturer’s literature
  • Space for insertion of certificates, commissioning reports and as-installed drawings

Dewick & Associates are able to provide O&M Manuals in various formats including hard copy folders, digital format and via online portals, all in-accordance with the specific project requirements. Our pricing is bespoke and allows for all options as applicable.

As Installed / As Built / As Fitted Drawings
To complete your handover documentation package, Dewick & Associates' skilled drafters are able to provide As Installed / As Built / As Fitted Drawings in AutoCAD and PDF format.

Reference Documents
We have produced some additional information which will help guide you through the process, please refer to our resources page or specifically:
Frequently Asked Questions
O&M Manual Flow Chart

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