Building Handover Manuals provide project specific details on the architectural and structural elements of a project but can also include details on the services to provide a full comprehensive handover document for the building.

Dewick & Associates pride ourselves on bespoke, project focussed and client-specific documentation to enable a General Contractor / Builder to provide a full suite of handover documentation in the same high-quality format.

Our services include:
  • Building Handover Manual: we contact and collate information from the sub contractors ie Manufacturer Literature, Installation and Supply Warranties, Certificates, test results;
  • Project specific Maintenance Log Sheets: we review the project specific manufacturer literature and pull out all material / project specific cleaning / maintenance requirements;
  • Maintenance Matrix: overview of maintenance requirements, Australian Standard references and schedule for maintenance for all sub trades;
  • Building Users Guide: Green Star / LEED / WELL Complaint to provide the building owner / users information on the operation of the building;
  • Apartment / Home User Guide: providing the apartment owner / tenant information on the apartment building communal facilities and amenities, apartment specific fixtures / fittings, white goods, mechanical, electrical and hydraulic services and also finishes;
  • Services O&M manuals: if not provided by your services contractors;
  • Site based QR codes: for instant access to handover documentation.

  • The extent of our involvement is up to you. We can simply format and assemble the information you provide us, or we can manage the entire process by contacting the sub-contractors for the documents needed, compiling and submitting the manual for review therefore making the process as simple as possible.

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