Leave a Lasting Impression

There are so many elements to a construction project, be it large or small, each requiring the expertise of a variety of professionals and each phase as critical as the next.

Project management teams commonly use software and online tools to schedule the stages of a project. However, in an effort to control delivery, unforeseen circumstances and challenges faced throughout a project always raise their ugly head, resulting in a domino effect and reducing the time available to achieve Practical Completion. This often results in the project team frantically investigating ways to reclaim time to successfully finish and meet deadlines, with the handover stage and associated handover documentation usually bearing the brunt of this process.

Every interaction with your client is an opportunity to impress. It is such a shame when the delivery of a construction project is not complemented by the provision of a professionally completed and presented Operating and Maintenance Manual (O&M Manual) at handover. If you were to purchase a luxury car you would anticipate the provision of a comprehensive, high-end instruction manual. Why then would the manual provided on delivery of a construction project be any different?

Go the extra mile and make a lasting impression on your client. Meet and surpass your legislative and contractual requirements. Demonstrate you are proud of the project you have delivered and the desire for your client to obtain value and longevity from their investment. Explain how to operate the building systems, indicate how frequently maintenance should be conducted, and provide a list of key contacts and warranties for future reference.

Ensure you commit the necessary resources to provide handover documentation that is comparable with the quality of the project you have delivered. 

Do not miss this invaluable opportunity to leave a lasting impression on your client.  Strive for excellence through high quality workmanship and documentation.

Author: Phil Dewick, Owner and Founder of Dewick & Associates

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