Project Specific Maintenance Log Sheets

Project Specific Maintenance Log Sheets provide detailed information on the exact building elements installed and their specific maintenance requirements. This ensures that preventative maintenance is carried out to meet the requirements of the product warranty and to ensure longevity.

A few years ago, Dewick & Associates reviewed the finer detail of Building Handover Manuals with a client. In particular to ensure that, following handover, the Facilities Management Team correctly maintains each asset so that they, the builder, wouldn’t be contacted to repair or replace materials that had become worn or broken outside of the Defect Liability Period (DLP) or warranty period.  It seemed that this was a regular occurrence and not the fault of the builder but they were footing the bill.

Looking into the problem in more detail, it was clear that preventative maintenance log sheets had been provided for the project, but these were based on best practice and industry guidance, not the specifics of each product.  In this instance, the floor tiles of a shopping centre were cleaned with an abrasive which voided the manufacturer’s warranty despite no warnings or specific guidance being provided on the materials / solvents to be used within the handover documentation. The gloss surface of the tiles was worn away and resulted in replacement.

After some team brainstorming and workshops with the Builder, Dewick & Associates were employed on the next project to provide Project Specific Maintenance Log Sheets.  By reviewing the project specific manufacturer’s literature we have a full understanding of the maintenance requirements, the do’s and don’ts and cleaning products which are to be applied. The detail of the Manufacturer’s Literature is extracted and tabulated so it is clear what a cleaning contractor can and can’t do when maintaining the product and building elements.  Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are provided for all products which can be used for cleaning or maintenance to add clarity for the cleaning team.

Providing comprehensive maintenance information such as the Project Specific Maintenance Log Sheets enables the builder to ‘Build A Wall Against DLP Claims’, ensuring that they are protected against costly mistakes and therefore reduce their risk in the long run. 

Project Specific Maintenance Log Sheets can be provided in conjunction with a Building Handover Manual or as a standalone documentation as per your project requirements.

Author: Louise Gardner, General Manager of Dewick & Associates

A PDF version of this article is available via this link

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