The Importance of As Builts

The development of a set of As Built Drawings is a vital part of every construction project. Not only are they necessary to record and identify the final layout and configuration of a build and how it may differ from its initial design, but they also provide a representation and foundation on which future works can depend. Therefore, accuracy is paramount.

The minor and sometimes major design changes that are identified throughout the construction process, as onsite issues emerge, must be recorded in a timely manner. These will often be marked up as handwritten notes and changes on Construction Drawings. However, the preparation of official As Built Drawings should commence and evolve from the very start of a project to assist with the retention and validity of information to avoid double handling.

Dewick & Associates believe that the following elements should be recorded on a set of high quality As Built Drawings:

  • The actual makes, models and type of equipment installed
  • Unique identifiers for each piece of equipment installed
  • A legend for all abbreviations and icons utilised
  • Accurate locations of the equipment and fittings installed
  • Identification of obstructions and voids
  • Identification of penetrations
  • An indicative and unique drawing number, version number and issue date
  • Identification of the scale used, commensurate with the scale used on the project’s original Design Drawings

By changing your practices and recording information required for As Built Drawings as it becomes available, data is more reliable, and the preparation process can be streamlined. 

Begin each project with the end goal in mind to save your organisation time and money. Don’t underestimate the importance of As Built Drawings, ensuring that they are accurately and professionally produced.

Author: Phil Dewick, Owner and Founder of Dewick & Associates

A PDF version of this article is available via this link

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