What Are Commissioning Plans?

Commissioning is… 

‘The process of ensuring that  all systems and components of a major piece of equipment, a process,
a building or similar, are designed, installed and tested according to the operational requirements
of the owner or final client.’

Commissioning is therefore a crucial element of the construction phase, and if undertaken correctly, will ensure that a building operates efficiently, with overall plant performance resulting in lower building operational costs. 

Unfortunately, on occasion, the commissioning process may be rushed or even forgotten as a project nears completion and remaining tasks must be completed before a tight, imminent deadline arrives.

A Commissioning Plan will alleviate such issues, providing a concise method for the commissioning process, a guide for on-site technicians and confidence that the commissioning process is well detailed and documented.   

At Dewick & Associates, we believe the following sections should be included in your Commissioning Plan:

  • Project scope and systems installed
  • Requirements of the commissioning process
  • Commissioning procedures to follow
  • Detailed inspection and test plans
  • Commissioning record sheets 

Commissioning Plans should be provided for all services including mechanical, electrical, fire and hydraulic systems for completeness.  Certificates and test results should be saved and filed within the building’s handover documentation for future reference.

Avoid unnecessary panic at the end of your project and organise for your detailed Commissioning Plans to be provided by experienced professionals.

Author: Louise Gardner, General Manager of Dewick & Associates

A PDF version of this article is available via this link

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