Mechanical O&M Manuals, Asset Registers and As Installed Drawings | City of Tea Tree Gully

The City of Tea Tree Gully has been refreshing three of their facility buildings:

  • Golden Grove Recreation & Arts Centre
  • Greenwith Community Centre
  • Crouch Road Pottery Club

Each building has been provided with new evaporative air-conditioning systems to serve the sports courts and halls, replacing the existing 20-year-old systems. The Golden Grove Recreation & Arts Centre and Greenwith Community Centre have also been provided with dual purpose smoke spill / economy cycle fans incorporated into the evaporative cooling systems.  All existing ductwork and grilles were used to reduce waste and capital cost of the projects

Dewick & Associates provided a complete package of handover documents including O&M Manuals, Butterfields specific Asset Registers and As Installed Drawings.  The Butterfield Asset Registers are fed into the Butterfield internal systems which are used by their Service Department during the Defects Liability Period and beyond.

Mechanical Services Contractor: Butterfields

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