Apartment and Home User Guides

The sustainable and efficient operation of all buildings, commercial or residential, is so important in our current climate. As a result, Part L and Part F of the Building Regulations and the Approved Document for Overheating in England require a Home User Guide to be provided for all new homes.

A Home User Guide provides the occupant with technical and non-technical information on the dwelling so that it can be operated in an energy efficient and sustainable manner.  Over time, Dewick & Associates has worked with a number of contractors to provide compliant and informative Home User Guides that include the following sections: 

  • Welcome to Your New Home; 
  • Emergency and Manufacturer Contact Details
  • Building Facilities (Specific to Apartment Buildings) such as emergency exit routes, common areas and refuser collection with key Building Management contacts ;
  • Dwelling Services such as Ventilation, Heating, Metering and HWS: Details on the systems installed, how to operate them and what to do if you have a fault or problem;
  • Snagging and Settlement: space available for occupiers records;
  • Detailed Maintenance Log Sheets / guidance for all elements of the space from painting and flooring to lighting and hot water service;
  • Manufacturer’s Literature on the Systems Installed (e.g. White Goods and Lighting); 
  • Certification specific to the home or apartment; 
  • Drawings – layout plans of the space.

Home / Apartment User Guides can be provided in various formats including hard copy folders, digital format and via online portals.

We are also able to provide site based QR codes which link directly to a folder structure with all files saved.  These can be mounted in a prominent place within the apartment or home i.e. a distribution board.

Author: Louise Gardner, General Manager of Dewick & Associates

A PDF version of this article is available via this link

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