Why Us

Why Us?

Why Outsource Construction Documentation to Dewick & Associates?

First of all, we should look at why you might be considering outsourcing:
  • You are a sole trader and just don't have enough hours in the day?
  • Your business is growing, and you can't keep up with the paperwork side of things, you need to be on site 'doing real work' and therefore need some back-end desk support?
  • You need a Chartered / Professional Engineer to sign off design works but don't have anyone in your team qualified?
  • Green Star / BREEAM / LEED documentation requirements are too complicated, and you need help.
  • You or your team don't have the inhouse skills required to execute documentation required?
  • You want to step up to the next level of your service and therefore want to provide higher quality of documentation to your client to support this?
  • You just don't want the headache of construction documentation anymore and happy to pass this burden to someone else?
  • You have realised that outsourcing makes financial and resource sense and ready to jump in!
Outsourcing is a big step into the unknown for some, but you can be assured that the Dewick & Associates team are well versed in ensuring it is a seamless, hassle-free step you should take. We have been providing outsourcing services to our loyal and growing client base since 2008. It hasn't always been easy, but we have learnt from small hiccups along the way and are continuously improving our extensive internal processes and procedures to work with the market and always be one step ahead.

You can be confident you will experience the following benefits when working with our team:

Dependable: quick turnaround times for documentation, generally within 2-3 days but quicker if needed. We never miss a deadline.

Engineers with working experience in UK, Australia and the Middle East. Qualifications include CIBSE CEng, CPEng Australia, Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland, NSW and VIC Registered Building Professional.

Well Organised: extensive internal processes and procedures which improve efficiency and your customer experience.

In-house Technical Writing Team: who are fully trained in all services / documentation and supported by Chartered Engineers, with a deep understanding of online manuals such as OmTrak, Aconex or Zutec, client's own formats and Government / Council / University Formats across all regions.

Customer Focus: a dedicated and responsive Client Coordinator team who ensure that your construction documentation is understood and executed flawlessly.

Knowledge: our experienced team bring a wealth of knowledge to the company from a variety of construction backgrounds.

Once you have experienced the simplicity and ease of outsourcing to Dewick & Associates, you won't want to provide construction documentation yourself again. We welcome the opportunity to support you in future projects, to demonstrate our technical capabilities and the benefits we can offer.

Outsource to Dewick & Associates, to save yourself time and money – we are here to help!
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