Are you Missing an Opportunity by Delivering Average O&M Manuals?

If you bought a luxury car, how would you expect the owner’s manual to be presented?  You would most likely expect it to have comprehensive operating and maintenance information about the car, with a professional look and feel.

Handover Manuals, also known as Operating & Maintenance Manuals (O&M Manuals), are no different and should be treated in the same way.  It is important to consider what the end user / building owner sees and experiences so they can appreciate the high quality of workmanship and project management which has been invested during the construction stage of the project.

A thorough O&M Manual, professionally presented, can achieve the following:

  • Exceed expectations of the Builder / Client, which could lead to repeat work
  • Building owner is confident with the installation
  • Creates an opportunity for ongoing maintenance contracts
  • Reduces the number of service callouts due to a built-in troubleshooting guide

Dewick & Associates can provide a full suite of handover documentation for your project , including:

  • Preliminaries / introduction
  • Detailed project, emergency and manufacturer contact lists
  • Technical descriptions of each system
  • Operating Instructions
  • Safety in maintenance guidance
  • Preventative maintenance log sheets
  • Fault finding instructions for each system
  • Schedules of equipment
  • Manufacturer’s literature
  • Space for insertion of certificates, commissioning reports, as installed drawings

High quality, professional and comprehensive handover documentation will add value to your service and therefore your company brand going forward.

Author: Phil Dewick, Owner and Founder of Dewick & Associates

A PDF version of this article is available via this link

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