Task Management

Task management is the process of identifying and monitoring the progress of work being completed on a day to day basis. Successfully managing the delivery of projects requires utilising reliable tools that allow you to keep a record of all projects, regardless of their progress or status, to ensure no items are missed or overlooked. The tools or systems you utilise to track and manage tasks need to be easy to use and easy to access, and records must be updated regularly to ensure the integrity of the information recorded and that milestones are achieved.

An Action Item Register is a tool often utilised to record and manage the implementation and delivery of multiple projects, some which may be related and others that stand alone. Updated regularly, an Action Item Register provides a log of all potential, active and completed project tasks, with each allocated a key team member / owner to oversee delivery of the task, in addition to a due date and priority. To be utilised effectively, an Action Item Register should be reviewed in a team environment, such as during team meetings, to update the status and progress of each task and ensure projects are completed in a timely manner.

Dewick & Associates’ Action Item Register User Guide and Template are easy to use and have been made available to assist you with the task management process. If your workload still proves challenging, enlisting the services of Dewick & Associates is an efficient and cost-effective outsourcing solution.

Author: Kath Angus, Business Development Officer at Dewick & Associates

A PDF version of this article is available via this link

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