Electrical Services O&M Manual and As Fitted Drawings | St. Philomena’s National School, Co. Offaly – ROI

St. Philomena’s National School is located in Tullamore, Republic of Ireland, on an existing site with buildings dating back to post 1960.  The school funded the refurbishment of three classrooms, each on the ground, first and second floor, providing a new SET room on all levels and an upgrade of the ground floor store area to provide an accessible WC. 

Dewick & Associates’ team worked with E Clarke Electrical Contractors to prepare an Electrical Services O&M Manual and As Fitted Drawings to document the works completed, including switchboard modifications, general power, general lighting and lighting control, in addition to emergency and exit lighting, communications systems and security and protection systems.  The manual incorporated system descriptions, equipment schedules, authority certificates and maintenance procedures and log sheets for the end user to monitor and maintain their new systems. The As Fitted drawings provided a scaled representation of the systems installed.

Mechanical Services Contractor: E Clarke Electrical Contractors

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