Electrical Services O&M Manual and Electrical Services As Installed Drawings | Mildura West Primary School Redevelopment

Located in north-west Victoria, on the banks for the River Murray, Mildura West Primary School provides facilities for approximately 390 students from a diverse range of backgrounds and nations. The school received $1.8m in funding from the 2018-19 state budget to upgrade and modernise the campus.

Funding is being utilised over three stages:

  • Stage 1: Provision of a new learning hub building with new classrooms
  • Stage 2: Block A refurbishment, new classroom areas and breakout spaces and a new covered outdoor learning area
  • Stage 3: Demolition of a multipurpose building to enable the development of a landscaped outdoor space between the library and Block D

Basic maintenance works are being completed onsite, coinciding with each stage.

Dewick and Associates provided the Electrical Services O&M Manual for the project, detailing the systems installed, such as new distribution boards and power accessories, general and emergency lighting systems and controls and communication systems.

Mechanical Services Contractor: Foreman-Sheean Electrical & Communications

Click here to download a PDF Case Study of this project

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