Hydraulic Services O&M Manuals and As-Installed Drawings | Cross Keys BMX Club Rooms, Pooraka – SA

Located on the eastern side of the Unity Park complex, Pooraka, the Cross Keys BMX Club provides riders with a challenging network of ramps, dirt jumps and sharp bends.   The City of Salisbury have funded the modification and expansion of the existing club rooms to accommodate improved change rooms and amenities, canteen, kitchen, office and open  common space.

The existing hydraulic systems have been stripped back and extended to serve the new sanitary fixtures and fittings throughout, including the provision of a 1,000L grease arrestor to serve the kitchen, hot water systems and fire extinguishers.

Dewick & Associates have provided a comprehensive Hydraulic O&M Manual for the project, including systems descriptions, maintenance log sheets and fault finding in conjunction with detailed As Installed drawings which document the hydraulic equipment and pipework installation.

Hydraulic Services Contractor: Systematic Plumbing

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