Hydraulic Services and Civil O&M Manuals and As Installed Drawings | Carl’s Jr. Restaurant, Service Station and Carwash, Kialla

Jasbe Petroleum have built a new services station, restaurant and carwash on a greenfield site in Kialla, in the Gouldburn Valley, Victoria, to serve the local community.

Dewick & Associates have provided combined Hydraulic and Civil O&M Manuals for the project which detail the specific systems and equipment installed including the site stormwater, treatment and detention tanks; rainwater systems serving the restaurant for toilet flushing and site wide irrigation system; trade waste and sewer drainage systems; oil/water separator systems serving the car wash; domestic hot and cold water systems and natural gas systems.

It is important to regularly maintain hydraulic services to ensure longevity and avoid unwanted breakdowns which can cause site closure and loss of revenue.  Dewick & Associates O&M manuals incorporate manufactures literature, detailed preventative maintenance log sheets and fault finding procedures to ensure that onsite maintenance teams have instant onsite access to system information and can log all onsite activities.  Our individual project QR codes also provide online access as needed.

Dewick & Associates will also provide the As Installed Drawings for the project.

Civil and Hydraulic Services Contractor: Admoor Plumbing


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