Department of Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) O&M Manuals: D&A Can Help!

We understand that O&M Manuals are key handover documents required to achieve Practical Completion for all projects, enabling assets / building elements to be managed and maintained for efficient operation, effective maintenance and longevity through to the end of their life.    In response to this, Dewick & Associates has developed a comprehensive format which is compliant with the Australia / NZ, Canadian and British Standards, inline with the CIBSE, ASHRAE and BISRA guidelines and is of a high quality.  It is important to ensure that documentation is carefully and accurately written by skilled and trained technical authors so that you provide a positive lasting impression of your work to your client and that of building owners and users in the future. 

Some government departments, such as the Government of South Australia Department of Infrastructure and Transport (DIT), have specific formats / requirements we need to adhere to which can sometimes be cumbersome, time consuming and overall tricky to work with.  We recognise that this can be hard, and in cases can be associated with financial penalties if documentation is not submitted in full or to the standard required.  Don’t worry though, this doesn’t need to be you. Dewick & Associates can provide the required documentation to the standard required and on time to ensure that the project is handed over.  

Dewick & Associates have extensive experience in the provision of DIT documentation through direct project work (such as nRAH, Strathalbyn Ambulance Station and Findon Technical College).  DIT require all documentation to be provided inline with their particular format which is set out during the design stage of the project.   The consulting team use the DIT Building Project Information Management System (BPIMS) to produce two checklists for each individual project based on the scope and services provided:

  • Operations Manual and Record Drawings
  • Maintenance Manual

These checklists detail the specific sections each manual shall include for the project and the exact certification / approval documents required.  The referencing and numbering is inline with the internal systems, to which the documentation is uploaded at the end of the project.   Some common sections include:

  • ID01 Index
  • DI01 Directory
  • DR01 Drawings
  • SD01 System Descriptions
  • ED01 Manufacturers Literature
  • CE02 Warranties
  • OP06 Emergency Procedures
  • OP01 Technical Literature
  • TR01 Training

 Dewick & Associates provide the technical authoring services to write and collate documentation for all manuals across all disciplines including Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic and Electrical.  Our in-house drafters are able to provide As Installed Drawings for the project to provide consistency and a complete package of information. We therefore take on the responsibility for the production and delivery of the project O&M Manuals / handover documentation, taking that worry away from you.

In addition to our direct project experience, Dewick & Associates have been part of in depth workshops and discussions with DIT to understand and work through the merits of their current O&M Manuals system and how this will feed into the future direction of the Across Government Facilities Management Arrangements (AGFMA) within South Australia.   As part of this, DIT management have given D&A first hand positive feedback on our technical authoring services and actively recommend us to struggling contractors.  These key connections provide Dewick & Associates with internal DIT points of contact, if needed, for assistance / guidance on a project to overcome unforeseen hurdles.

We work with, and to the requirements of, DIT daily and are here to be your technical authoring resource for these projects and others along the way.

We are here to help you, please don’t hesitate to contact Alexandra Vuksa or Louise Gardner today.

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