Home User Guide (HUG) | Bagshot Manor Apartments and Townhouses – London, UK

Bagshot  Manor  is  located  in  the  affluent  suburb  of  Bagshot,  approximately  27  miles South West of Central London, located within the local  authority  of  Surrey  Heath  Borough  Council.

The existing Bagshot Manor has been converted from commercial use to residential property comprising eighty three one and two bed apartments and the addition of five townhouses located within the 2.18 acres of establish landscaped gardens.

Dewick & Associates have provided Home User Guides (HUG) for the apartments and townhouses to provide the resident with a user friendly guide to use and operate the home without referring to numerous manufacturer’s instruction manuals including details on key contacts, building and site facilities, apartment specific information such as access control, lighting, kitchen appliances and ventilation systems.  The HUG also provides details on the preventative maintenance requirements for all systems installed.

Main Contractor: Grove Construction (London) Ltd

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