Hydraulic Services O&M Manual and Commissioning Plan | SES Wangaratta, VIC

In 2021, SES Wangaratta moved its headquarters from Millard Street to a new, state-of-the-art $1.6m facility on Handley Street. Delayed by the 2020 fire season, the SES’s small and ageing facility was replaced by a single storey building containing a 4-bay garage, a training and communications rooms, and a kitchen and amenities, to complement the adjacent emergency services hub.

Dewick & Associates completed the Hydraulic Services Operating & Maintenance Manual and Commissioning Plan for the associated refurbishment works which involved the supply and installation of stormwater, rainwater and domestic cold-water systems, in addition to a domestic hot water unit, sanitary fixtures and fittings, a fire hydrant and fire hose reels. In addition to the scope, the Manual collated technical data, As Built drawings and maintenance log sheets for ongoing care and maintenance, whilst the Commissioning Plan contained commissioning procedures and test sheets utilised for configuring and finalising the installation.

Hydraulic Services Contractor: Coulter’s Plumbing

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