Mechanical Commissioning Plan | ANMM Cooling Tower Replacement

The Australian National Maritime Museum (ANMM) is located in the centre of Sydney on Darling Harbour.

The mechanical systems were designed in the late 1980’s with a seawater heat rejection system to serve reverse cycle chillers that were to operate both in cooling mode and heating mode. However, the system is ageing and experiencing increased maintenance costs due to shellfish attaching themselves to the seawater intake pipes. The seawater system has therefore been replaced with an open circuit cooling tower system.

Dewick & Associates have provided a Commissioning Plan and O&M Manuals for the project. The Commissioning Plan outlines the project scope of works, defines the responsibilities of the contractor / commissioning agent and details the commissioning process and activities, schedules and documentation required to ensure efficient and success full commissioning process.

Mechanical Services Contractor: Air Comfort Services

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