Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic and Fire Services O&M Manuals and Building Handover Manuals | Sydney Metro OCC Expansion and Fit-out Works, Rouse Hill – NSW

The Sydney Metro network is a fully automated, driverless rapid transit system operating in Sydney, NSW. By 2024, the railway system will incorporate 31 metro stations and over 66 kms of track, with trains operating every 4 minutes in each direction during periods of peak demand.

Sydney Metro’s Operations Control Centre (OCC), on Tallawong Road, Rouse Hill, was expanded to the East to incorporate the additional controls required to manage the extended network. Ground Floor level was expanded to match the existing raised access floor, screen and acoustic ceiling, whilst a new fire rated Plant Room was built on Level 1 to house building services for the Ground Floor extension.

Dewick & Associates worked with Global Fire to document the Mechanical, Hydraulic and Fire Services works it provided and Electrical Contractor New Era Electrical Services to document the Electrical Services it provided as part of the project, in addition to the Builder Degnan to document Architectural and Structural Building Handover Manuals, producing six separate O&M Manuals in a manner identified in Project Specifications. Each manual contained key contact details, a detailed scope of works, maintenance log sheets and fault finding tables, in addition to a drawing register and place holders for authority certificates and commissioning reports on completion of the project.

Mechanical, Hydraulic and Fire Services Contractor: Global Fire
Electrical Services Contractor:
New Era Electrical Services
Builder: Degnan

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