Mechanical Commissioning Plan | MPI National Containment Laboratory

The Ministry for Primary Industries has invested $87million NZD to build a new National Biocontainment Laboratory in Wallaceville, New Zealand, for containing and diagnosing serious veterinary diseases.  The National Containment Laboratory facilities collects and test samples from suspected cases of diseases, to ensure that New Zealand’s primary sector and environment are safe from infection.

The new 3,4000m² building will house laboratory space, decontamination facilities and offices areas.  The facility will meet international best practice for handling pathogens including negative pressure and multiple stage, high efficiency air filtration systems to ensure only clean air leaves the laboratory.

Dewick & Associates have worked with Benmax to provide the O&M Manuals for the project adhering to the strict MPI guidelines and requirements which detail all items of plant and equipment, how they function and operate to provide the high physical containment requirements of the project.

Mechanical Services Contractor: Benmax New Zealand

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