Mechanical and Electrical O&M Manuals | Adelaide Women’s Prison Expansion

Northfield’s Adelaide Women’s Prison (AWP) current approved capacity is 176 beds, and is the principal placement for female prisoners within South Australia.  The AWP has been given funding to expand the accommodation facilities with an additional 20 beds.

The additional 20 beds will be provided between two new secure accommodation units attached to a central spine of support services, such as clinic, dispensing rooms, interview rooms and education room.  The expansion will also feature a new health centre with inpatient beds, purpose built laundry and education facilities.

Dewick & Associates have worked with Climat Commercial and Tyrone Electrical to provide the Mechanical and Electrical O&M Manuals for the buildings, adhering to the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) requirements to ensure that full detailed hand over documents are provided for the future operation of the building.

Mechanical Services Contractor: Climat Commercial
Electrical Services Contractor: Tyrone Electrical

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