Mechanical O&M Manuals | Lion Arts Centre Upgrade

The Lion Arts Centre is located within the West End of Adelaide, a precinct dating back to 1854. The Centre’s buildings were originally established as a wholesale grocers , including milling, tea and bottling. In 1992 the factory and surrounding buildings were converted to an arts precinct, commonly known as the Lion Arts Centre.

Four of the existing buildings have been refurbished, and Dewick & Associates have worked alongside Westside Group, to provide the mechanical O&M manuals for these spaces:

  • Building 2 Nexus
  • Building 3 Media Resource Center
  • Building 4 Jam Factory
  • Building 5 Australian Experimental Arts Foundation (AEAF)

Each O&M manual used our standard template to provide a description of the works, detailed scheduling of the equipment installed, maintenance and fault finding resources and the As Installed drawings. All the manuals we provided in PDF and hard copies for use by the end Client.

Mechanical Services Contractor: Westside Services

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