Building Handover Manual plus Hydraulic and Mechanical Services O&M Manuals | Loxton High School Redevelopment Stage 1, SA

As part of a state government initiative, Loxton High School was awarded $5m worth of funding in 2020 to upgrade the school’s infrastructure in line with the Government’s objective of transitioning the final year of primary school, Year 7, to high school by 2022.  The project was broken down into two separable portions with separate handover stages as follows:

  • Stage 1: Gymnasium Air Conditioning Installation, New Agricultural Building, Tech Studies Spray Booth and Staff Toilet Refurbishment, Practical Completion January 2021
  • Stage 2: New General Learning Area, Practical Completion July 2021

Dewick & Associates were engaged to provide a portfolio of handover documents in-line with DIT format requirements, comprising:

  • Building Handover Manual
  • Mechanical Services Operating & Maintenance Manual
  • Hydraulic Services Operating & Maintenance Manual

Utilising our bespoke and detailed tracking system, the team at D&A collected and collated supporting documentation from all sub-contractors working on the project and provided technical writing services associated with the above.

Stage 1 documentation has been completed and is currently being approved.  Stage 2 will be submitted during the second half of 2021 to achieve project handover deadlines.

Builder: Horizon Construction Services
Hydraulic Services Contractor:
Steva Plumbing
Mechanical Services
Contractor: MAINair Commercial

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