Electrical, Fire and Mechanical Services O&M Manuals plus Electrical and Fire As Installed Drawings | JORN Electrical and Mechanical Upgrade, NT

The Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN) is an over-the-horizon, long range radar system, able to detect targets thousands of kilometres away. It is used by Australia’s Department of Defence to monitor air and sea movements, in addition to maritime operations, wave height and wind directions. The JORN network is comprised of a receiver at Mount Everard (28km north west of Alice Springs, Northern Territory), a transmitter at Harts Range (160km away) and a beacon in Derby ( Western Australia).

In 2020, the Mount Everard and Harts Range sites underwent an Electrical and Mechanical Upgrade. Dewick & Associates were contracted to compile the Mechanical Operating & Maintenance Manual, Electrical Operating & Maintenance Manual and As Installed Drawings, in addition to the Fire Operating & Maintenance Manual and As Installed Drawings.

The Department of Defence used the online O&M Manual platform Web FM / OmTrack for delivery of the O&M Manuals.  The WebFM system required the upload of detailed equipment information for the project, with the ability to link assets to associated literature, commissioning results, certificates and drawings, along with system specific maintenance requirements.  D&A have extensive experience in utilizing the WebFM system and successfully delivered the project O&M manuals to the client’s high satisfaction.

Electrical Services Contractor: ICE Engineering and Construction
Fire Services Contractor: Chubb Fire
Mechanical Services Contractor: Emperor Refrigeration

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