Prefilled Inspection Test Plans: Voila Customer Fulfillment Centre

The Voila Customer Fulfillment Centre is a brand new industry leading online grocery home-delivery service serving communities across Alberta including Calgary, Edmonton and surrounding areas.   The 161,000 square foot building has nearly 20,000 products on offer and has been voted the #1 online grocery home delivery service.  

Dewick & Associates worked closely with Core Mechanical Ltd. to produce pre-filled inspection test plans for the Volia Customer Fulfillment Centre.  The Inspection Test Plans were tailored to each specific piece of equipment installed. Thorough review of the drawings and specifications was conducted to ensure accurate accountability of all equipment, eliminating the need for Core Mechanical’s involvement in this time-consuming task.

The ITP’s were made user-friendly by providing an overall index with hyperlinks to the individual sheets for easy review or completion by the end user.  These links are hosted by Dewick & Associates on a secure server.

Client: Core Mechanical Ltd.

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