Electrical Services O&M Manual and As Installed Drawings + Mechanical Services O&M Manual | Uni of SA DISP Accreditation Project Building W Level 2, SA

Working closely with Electrical Services Contractor, Rainbow Electrical, and Mechanical Services Contractor, E Control Solutions, Dewick & Associates compiled the Electrical Services O&M Manual plus As Installed Drawings, and Mechanical Services O&M Manual for this University project.

The electrical manual detailed the systems installed, such as general power, earthing, RCD protection, general lighting, a lighting control system and an exit and emergency lighting system. Mechanical works involved the installation of VRV, split ducted and split wall mounted air conditioning systems, in addition to ducted exhaust systems.

The O&M manuals included details on the operation, maintenance and fault finding solutions for the equipment / systems installed to enable management of the assets post-handover.

Electrical Services Contractor: Rainbow Electrical
Mechanical Services Contractor : E Control Solutions

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