Electrical Services O&M Manual + As Installed Drawings | Coca-Cola Warehouse and Distribution Centre, Salisbury

Coca-Cola is an established soft drink brand that has operated in Australia since the early 1900s.  Originally manufactured solely in Sydney, the company was able to expand after World War II to begin bottling in 30 different locations across Australia. Coca-Cola is now found all over the country in both metropolitan and rural areas.

Coca-Cola’s new state-of-the-art facility in Salisbury will be the company’s primary warehouse and distribution centre in South Australia, and is designed to streamline logistics, storage and administration requirements. The building is located on a brownfield site, with a 15-hectare greenfield site adjacent to it, providing Coca-Cola with the potential for future growth as the company adapts to changing markets. The 45,000m² site, with an existing manufacturing facility, has been expanded and refurbished to accommodate the stringent requirements of Coca-Cola’s Engineering and Logistics Division.

Dewick & Associates provided the Electrical Services O&M Manual and As Installed Drawings for this project; together these include details of distribution boards, general power, lighting, emergency lighting and MATV systems. The drawings provide an accurate record of the systems/equipment installed, such as exact locations of power outlets/data points and the light fittings used. The drawings can be used for future upgrades and as a point of reference for maintenance throughout the building’s life.

Electrical Services Contractor: Ausbia Electrical

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