Electrical Services O&M Manuals | Old Parliament House Lighting Upgrades, Canberra – ACT

Old Parliament House, was the seat of the Australian Parliament from 1927 to 1988. The building began operation on 9 May 1927 after Parliament’s relocation from Melbourne to the new capital, Canberra. The building is now a National Heritage listed building which is showcased through the Museum of Australian Democracy (MoAD).

Some of the internal lighting was as per the original 1927 installation, which has undergone a major refurbishment including installation of new LED fittings, DALI drivers and lighting control.  The existing lighting control systems have been upgraded to provide the facility for time automated dimming and switching and programmable lighting displays and scenes.   In addition, the external building facade has been wall washed in an external colour lighting scheme, using new LED tube lighting , projected onto the white canvas, creating a stunning focal point for the area.  New pole and roof mounted spot lights were also installed.

The project was the proud winner of the NECA ACT Excellence Awards 2020/21 for Lighting Design & Installation.

Dewick & Associates have provided the Electrical Operations and Manuals for full lighting upgrade project, including Stage 1 ,2  and  the external facade scheme, providing information on the lighting fittings installed, specific details on their controls and how to maintain after handover of the project.

Electrical Services Contractor: Shepherd Electrical



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