Fire Services Commissioning Plan and O&M Manual | Multi-Deck Car Park – Croydon, VIC

The Devon Street Multi-Deck Car Park, due for completion in late 2021, is a government funded project being built on a parcel of Council owned land located behind the main street of Croydon, adjacent to the Croydon Train Station and Bus Depot. The facility will provide commuter bicycle, motorbike and >400 car parking spaces, in addition to improved pedestrian access, electric vehicle charging stations and a 1400m² commercial tenancy.

Dewick & Associates completed a Fire Services Commissioning Plan for the project, detailing key project contacts and installation descriptions, in addition to the processes and forms that must be completed to make sure all equipment is working effectively and efficiently. Dewick & Associates also completed a Fire Services Operating & Maintenance Manual, detailing equipment schedules, manufacturers tech data and maintenance procedures to assist the end client with caring for its asset to ensure longevity.

Fire Services Contractor: Zero Fire Services

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