Fire and Security O&M Manuals | Mount Clear Aged Care

OC Health provide tailored aged care facilities including housing, respite, palliative and memory support units, to communities in Victoria.

OC Health funded the development of a new aged care facility on a 12,450m² block on the western side of Mount Clear.  Located close to a medical centre and shopping centre complex, older residents are able to maintain their independence while living at the aged care facility.

The new residential development features one hundred and twenty detached dwellings in addition to two dining facilities, lounge spaces and open courtyards across 6,400m² of the site.

Dewick & Associates provided separate Wet Fire, Dry Fire and Security Services O&M Manuals for the project, incorporating the specific systems installed including sprinklers, fire hydrants and hose reels, in addition to smoke and thermal alarms, CCTV and access control.  Each manual details the equipment installed for ease of reference by facility management during the building’s life.

Manuals were presented in both hard copy and digital format, complete with QR codes (barcode) for future reference.

Wet Fire Services Contractor: Zero Fire Services
Dry Fire / Security Services Contractor: Switched On Fire & Electrical

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