Hydraulic Services O&M Manuals | Kyabram & District Health Services, Kyabram – VIC

Kyabram District Health Service provides an integrated range of acute, subacute, residential aged care and allied & primary health care services to the Kyabram district. The existing HUB and Urgent Critical Care buildings have been refurbished including provision of new hydraulic services connected to the existing systems.  The Hydraulic Contractor has provided new hot and cold water systems throughout, connecting to the existing systems; new sewer drainage systems connected to the existing and new sanitary fixtures and fittings.

Dewick & Associates have provided O&M Manuals for the project which detail the service installed and document the  key / important preventative maintenance procedures to ensure that the systems operate to their optimum efficiency.  In addition, our O&M Manuals provide fault finding and trouble shooting advice and guidance in the event of a fault.

Hydraulic Services Contractor: Admoor Plumbing

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