Electrical and Mechanical Services O&M Manual – Combined | Viridor Recycling Plant, Polymer 2 Administration Office Fitout, Avonmouth – UK

Opening in 2021 and built adjacent to its waste management plant in Avonmouth, Viridor’s £65 million plastic recycling plant processes over 81,000 tonnes of PET and HDPE bottles and PP pots, tubes and trays per year, producing what is estimated to be 63,000 tonnes of recycled material per annum, in flake and pellet form.

Dewick & Associates completed a combined Electrical and Mechanical Services Operating & Maintenance Manual for the plant’s administration office fit-out, detailing the scope of works, equipment schedules, manufacturers’ tech data and maintenance procedures to assist the end client in caring for its asset and ensuring its longevity.

Electrical and Mechanical Services Contractor: ACES Service Excellence

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