Mechanical Services Engineering, Commissioning Plan and O&M Manual | The Honiara International Airport – Solomon Islands

The Honiara International Airport is the primary international airport for the Solomon Islands and is located approximately 12 kms east of the capital, Honiara. In 2019, Kitano Construction Corporation signed a major contract to redevelop and improve airport conditions to increase capacity and deal with increased flight and visitor arrivals, in addition to the tonnage of overseas cargo that had been creating congestion and impacting the safety of users and aircraft. The contract involved such elements as the construction of a new departure terminal, a new taxiway, and refurbishment of the existing international terminal for use as a domestic terminal at a cost of approximately $33.8m USD.

In 2021, Dewick & Associates delivered a portfolio of documentation for the Mechanical Services works completed by Duct Air Drafting as part of this project. This included completing heat load assessments and identifying design criteria in compliance with project allowances, in addition to preparing a Mechanical Services O&M Manual and Commissioning Plan.

The Mechanical Services O&M Manual included the scope of works, detailed system descriptions, maintenance requirements, fault finding procedures, technical data, manufacturers literature, and space for insertion of the Contractors Certificates, Commissioning Results and As Installed Drawings. The Commissioning Plan detailed key project contacts and installation descriptions, in addition to the processes and forms that must be completed to make sure all equipment is working effectively and efficiently and in accordance with the design intent.

Mechanical Services Contactor: Duct Air Drafting

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