Mechanical Services O&M Manuals and Commissioning Plan | Sutherland Hospital Operating Theatre Upgrade – NSW

The Sutherland Hospital is a public hospital located in Caringbah, south of Sydney.  Built in  1958, the hospital serves the wide Sydney metropolitan area providing treatment and teaching facilities. The NSW Government have provided finance for a $81.5million project to increase operating theatre capacity to meet future demand inline with new models of care and surgical pathways, including:

  • New operating theatres and endoscopy rooms
  • New support areas.  
  • New Surgical Short Stay Unit and Post Anesthetic Care Unit 
  • New Central Sterilising Services Department

The mechanical services installation includes condensing boilers, water cooled chillers, air handling units, outside air and exhaust air systems and stair pressurisation systems.  Dewick & Associates have provided the Mechanical O&M Manuals and Commissioning Plans for the project on behalf of the contractor.  

Commissioning Plans are a road map for the commissioning process, detailing the  roles and responsibilities of individuals and teams, lines of communication and reporting, coordination requirements and commissioning procedures for each specific trade.  Dewick & Associates have ensured that the detailed commissioning procedures such as those for pressure differentials between theatres / procedure rooms and their ancillary spaces are provided for effective building operation.  

Mechanical Services Contractor: JEC Air Conditioning Services



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