Mechanical Services O&M Manuals | University of Leeds – Exoskeleton Machine Room, Leeds – Yorkshire

The University of Leeds Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences conducts research into robotic systems to address mobility issues, and is at the forefront of developing such technologies, taking a user centred approach to create innovative robotic systems that can have a real impact on people’s lives.  As part of their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, the University of Leeds has recently completed upgrades to the Exoskeleton Machine Room, where assistive robotic processes are designed.

As part of the upgrade works, LMB Group were contracted to complete both the mechanical and electrical works to the space.  

The electrical works included the provision of new, general and emergency and exit lighting, extension of the existing communications and fire alarm systems, and modifications of the existing boards.

Mechanical works provided included a new multi-head air conditioning system and associated supply air fan and heat recovery ventilator, hydraulic works and sanitary fixtures. 

Dewick & Associates provided LMB with both mechanical and electrical O&M manuals customised for the project, including contact details, systems descriptions and manufacturers literature. In addition Dewick & Associates uploaded the manual contents to Web FM Omtrak construction management software, and managed the process of completing the client’s manual requirements on behalf of LMB.

Mechanical and Electrical Services Contractor: LMB Group

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