Mechanical O&M Manuals & As Installed Drawings | St Joseph’s Primary School Redcliffs, Victoria

St Joseph’s School is located in the regional area of Red Cliffs, Victoria. The co-educational primary School, serves serves years P-6, with on average of ninety enrolled students over five classes, numbers are whih is expected to increase over the next few years.

The project involved the construction of three new classrooms and the refurbishment of the five existing classrooms.  The project has been funded by the Australian Capital Grants Program for non-government schools which assists communities to improve infrastructure when they do not have enough capital resources themselves.

Dewick & Associates have provided the Mechanical, Electrical and Hydraulic O&M Manuals for the project, along with the Electrical and Hydraulic As-Installed Drawings to provide a complete package of hand over documents.

Mechanical Services Contractor: Devilees Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
Electrical Services Contractor: Forman Sheena
Hydraulic Services Contractor: Cummins Plumbing

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