Commissioning / Building Tuning Plans: Daylu Dena Council Lower Post Water Treatment Plant Mechanical

Daylu Dena Council have constructed a new water treatment plant in Lower Post, British Columbia comprising a water treatment plant room building and site works for connection to the existing groundwater wells and backwater inground disposal basin.

Dewick & Associates provided a comprehensive suite of handover documentation for the project including Building Handover Manuals covering the architectural and structural elemental details along with integral Mechanical, HVAC, and Electrical O&M Manuals. In addition, the project was furnished with Mechanical and Electrical Commissioning Plans comprising descriptions of the systems installed, extensive commissioning processes and procedures to follow (a step-by-step guide), commissioning check sheets and Inspection Test Plans (ITPs) and space for the insertion of commissioning programs / team details.  Once complete, the commissioning results were incorporated into the final version of the Building Handover Manuals to provide complete documentation. 

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