Electrical Services O&M Manuals and Commissioning Plans | Daw Park Repatriation Hospital

The Repatriation General Hospital, South Australia, was built by the Commonweath Government to care for returned serviceman from World War II.  After years of service to the community, the SA State Government have relocated some departments to other hospitals within the state, under the SA Transforming Health program, but are now redeveloping the hospital to provide additional facilities to the community.

Dewick & Associates provided Electrical Services O&M Manuals and Commissioning Plans for three projects on the site:

  • Ward 5-8: COVID-19 facilities
  • Ward 18: A Neurobehavioral Unit to care for people living with dementia and those with behavioural / psychological symptoms who need additional care
  • Ward 20: The Specialist Advanced Dementia Unit (SADU), a twelve-bed, acute specialist facility for patients with dementia and complex care needs.

The Electrical Services O&M Manuals and Commissioning Plan incorporate details of the installation including distribution boards, general power, general and emergency lighting, communications, UPS, security and MATV systems.  In addition, the Commissioning Plans also provide details of the commissioning procedure, commissioning inspection test plans and test record templates which are all used onsite for an efficient and detailed commissioning process.

Electrical Services Contractor: Tyrone Electrical

Click here to download a PDF Case Study of this project

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