Mechanical Engineering and Mechanical Services O&M Manual | New World Ravenswood, NZ

New World is a New Zealand retail chain focused on sourcing and promoting locally made products. From humble beginnings in the 1960s, the chain had over 140 stores at the end of 2020, all owned and operated by New Zealanders.

In early 2021, Dewick & Associates completed air side static calculations for the air conditioning and ventilation systems for the New World store being built at Ravenswood, 25km north of Christchurch City.   Such a process identifies the resistance a mechanical item must overcome when operating, with equipment having a high resistance consuming a greater amount of energy. Identifying and analyzing static calculations allows for appropriate equipment selections.

Dewick & Associates will provide Mechanical Operating & Maintenance Manuals as the project nears completion, detailing the scope of works, technical data and maintenance requirements for ongoing care on the installation.

Mechanical Services Contractor: Beattie Air

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