Mechanical Engineering Services | Level 7 Tenancy 127 Rundle Mall

Dewick & Associates provided mechanical engineering services to design the heating, cooling and ventilation systems of the Level 7 tenancy at 127 Rundle Mall, Adelaide.

The project brief specifically required the design to cater for a gymnasium tenancy complemented by a standard office fitout to ensure the landlord flexibility in tenant selection.   Due to the high occupancy density associated with a gymnasium tenancy, Dewick & Associates undertook a detailed ventilation assessment of the space to ensure that outside air and exhaust air were balanced, avoiding over or under pressurisation.

After incorporating energy efficient design and establishing the extent of outside air required for the proposed tenant scenario, Dewick & Associates proposed the use of energy recovery ventilations (ERV) which use the principal of air to air heat exchange to pre heat / cool outside air using the amenities exhaust system.

Dewick & Associates completed detailed heat load calculations, an AS 1668 ventilation assessment, established equipment sizing and reviewed shop drawings on behalf of the mechanical services contractor, Carrier Australia.  Additionally, Dewick & Associates will be providing O&M manuals for the project once complete.

Mechanical Services Contractor: Carrier Australia

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