Mechanical As Installed Drawings | De-fit, 135 King Street, Sydney

Following the exit of the current tenant, the Level 15 space has been de-fitted taking it back to the base building provision to enable leasing for the next business. This is an important part of a building’s life cycle because it provides the new occupant with a safe and clean space to make their own.

Dewick & Associates provided a record set of As Installed Drawings for this de-fit project. The works include the reconfiguration of the toilet exhaust and makeup air systems, as well as modifications to the ChW / HHW FCU and variable air volume (VAV) supply air systems.

As Installed Drawings are an important set of documents which provide the building owner and new tenant with a true and accurate record of the systems installed, they also enable any future design to be integrated with the existing services within the space.

Mechanical Services Contractor: Commercial Air Conditioning

Click here to download a PDF Case Study of this project

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